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Snagged it from yoh_kun.

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February 2nd, 2007 | 08:50 p
my sushi is: boredbored
my rhythm is: "Thank You For..." -- Echizen Ryoma

(001) Your gender: Feeeeemale.
(002) Sexual orientation: Bisexual.
(003) Single? Yup.
(004) Do you want to be? Yes, please.
(005) Your birthday: March 11th.
(006) Age you wish you were: I like 17, honestly. D:
(007) Your height: 5' 4".
(008) The color of your eyes: Aquamarine and gold~
(009) The color of your hair: Copper-brown.
(010) Piercings: One in each ear. :/
(011) Tattoos: Nope.

(012) Smoke? Nah.
(013) Do drugs? Very, very rarely.
(014) Read the newspaper? Less often than I do drugs, even.
(015) Pray? Nope.
(016) Talk to strangers? I never see strangers.
(017) Take walks in the rain? If I ever take walks, they're in the rain.
(018) Drive? Not yet.
(019) Like to drive fast? Once I'm driving. ^^;
(020) Hurt yourself? Not on purpose.

(021) Been out of the country? Yup.
(022) Been in love? Nope.
(023) Done drugs? Yep.
(024) Gone skinny dipping? Sadly, not yet.
(025) Had any type of surgery? Nooo.
(026) Ran away from home? Nope.
(027) Played strip poker? Yup.
(028) Gotten beaten up? Nope.
(029) Been picked on? Yeah.
(030) Been on stage? Yep.
(031) Slept outdoors? Unfortunately.
(032) Thought about suicide? Eh.
(033) Pulled an all-nighter? All the fucking time.
(034) If yes, what is your record? Probably ~72 hours.
(035) Talked on the phone all night? Always.
(036) Slept with the opposite sex without having sex? Not... in the same bed?
(037) Slept all day? Sure! I once slept thirteen hours; midnight - one am.
(038) Killed someone? Last week.
(039) Made out with a stranger? Once or twice.
(041) Had sex with a stranger? Nooo.
(042) Kissed the same sex? Yeah.
(043) Done anything sexual with the same sex? Sure.
(044) Been betrayed? Here and there.
(045) Broken the law? Yeah.
(046) Met a famous person? ... Nah.
(047) Been on radio/TV? Nope.
(048) Been in a mosh-pit? Hellz yeah.
(049) Had a nervous breakdown? Che'....
(050) Been criticized about your sexual performance? HAHAHA. Never.

(052) Shoe brand: Psssh.
(053) What are you normally wearing to school/work? Jeans/slacks, a button-up shirt, boots/heels, light makeup and my glasses~. To work.
(054) Wear hats? Nooo.
(055) Are you guilty of judging other people by their clothing? Rarely.
(056) Do you wear make-up daily? Yup.
(057) Favorite place to shop: The store. Wtf, I don't care.
(058) Favorite article of clothing: Jeans.
(059) Are you trendy? Hardly.

(060) Life on other planets? Certainly.
(061) Miracles? Hardly.
(062) Astrology? Not seriously.
(063) Magic? Sure.
(064) God? No.
(065) Satan? No.
(066) Santa? Sadly, no.
(067) Ghosts? Why not?
(068) Luck? Yeah
(069) Love at first sight? No.
(070) Yin and Yang? To some extent.
(071) Witches? Don't see why not.
(072) Easter bunny? Nah.
(073) Fidelity? Loosely.
(074) A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I wish. I'll chase them, anyway.

(075) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title? Just shook my head. There's so much emphasis put on it.
(076) Do you remember your first love? Never had one.
(077) Still love him/her? See above.
(078) Do you consider love a mistake? Four out of five dentists agree.
(079) What do you find romantic? I... do not approve of romance involving myself.
(080) Turn-on: Exhibitionism and voyeurism. Whoo~
(081) Turn-off: Bondage, non-con, S&M.
(082) Do you base your judgment on looks alone? Almost.
(083) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out? I don't give a fuck what's 'socially acceptable.'
(084) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? No.
(085) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking? They'd fucking better.
(086) What's the last present someone gave you? Mmmm... my mother gave me a velvet throw for my bed. Hah.
(087) Are you in love? No.

(088) That you laughed at? Donya. ^^;
(090) That turned you on? Ryoma. *Cough.*
(091) You went shopping with? My mother.
(092) To disappoint you? Nnn... I don't know?
(093) To ask you out? Agh. Fuckin'... Jordan Hollowman.
(094) To make you cry? Tezuka.
(095) To brighten up your day? My mother. ♥
(096) That you thought about? Sanada. I can't stop thinking about him. :|
(097) You saw a movie with? My cousin Lisa.
(098) You talked to on the phone? Catherine.
(099) You talked to through IM? Rachel.
(100) You saw? Miranda.
(101) You turned down? ... Jenny Merritt. T'ch.

(104) Smiled? I've been smiling half the day; I don't know. My teammates make me smile. ♥
(105) Laughed? About five minutes ago.
(106) Cried? When I read Chapter Three of 'Eye of the Beholder.'
(107) Bought something? Yesterday.
(108) Danced? Uh. I don't.
(109) Were sarcastic? Like I fucking keep track.
(110) Hugged/kissed: Hugged my mom before she went to bed.
(111) Talked to an enemy? Eh. A while ago.
(112) Watched your favorite movie? A looong while ago. I should watch it again!
(113) Talked on the phone? When I woke up today at three pm.
(114) Listened to the radio? I don't.
(115) Watched TV? Don't do that, either.
(116) Went out with someone? Or that.
(117) Helped someone? Uh... like, earlier today, maybe? I volunteered to maintain at elfinism, if that counts.
(118) Sang? Earlier today, when "Arigatou" was on.
(119) Said "I love you"? When Mom went to bed.
(120) Been drunk? Never, really.

(120) Are you a virgin? I've never been with a guy.
(122) If not, how old were you when you lost it? I was first with a girl when I was... probably thirteen.
If so, how old would you like to be when you lose it? I don't plan these things, bitchface.
(123) What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done? Nnn. It involved strip poker, a belt, and a vodka bottle, and I don't want to talk about it.
(124) What is the kinkiest thing you'd like to do? Possibly public sex.
(125) Favorite position? I top. Period.
(126) Describe your idea of seducing your mate as a surprise: Screw you.
(127) Describe how you'd like to be seduced: I'd rather not.
(128) Share a fantasy: No.
(129) Would you consider having a "pet"/slave? Yeah, sure.
(130) Would you consider being a "pet"/slave? Fuck no.
(131) Do you remember your first kiss? Hardly.
(132) What is your favorite intimate thing to do? I don't.
(133) Assuming you masturbate, do you use toys? Yeah.
(134) Ever masturbated in public? Sadly, no.
(135) Ever had sex in public? Not to date.
(136) Would you want to? Isn't that what I've been saying?
(137) Ever watched someone have sex [not a porno]? Not that I can think of.
(138) Has someone ever watched you have sex? Again, I don't recall as much.
(139) If you could make a porn film, what would you call it? I... I... I don't know.
(140) Ever used Food in your sexual play? Not to date.
(141) Ever do Role Reversal? Fuck no. I top. PERIOD.
(142) Ever used sex to get what you want/need? Not sex, explicitly, but promises thereof and vaguely sexual acts.
(143) Ever used sex as a weapon? See above.
(144) Ever flashed someone? Sure. It's as close as most will ever get.
(145) Ever been flashed? Haaaaah. Yeah.
(146) Ever call a sex number? 1-800-BLOWJOB.
(147) Would you consider having a 900 number? Meh. Maybe?
(148) Ever woke up the next morning and went WTF?! ARENT U MAI CUZIN??? Never in all caps and spelled that badly.
(149) Ever dated someone just for the sex? No, goddamnit. I don't date.
(150) Are you glad this survey is over? Che'... yeah.
(151) Think it could have been longer? Sure. You didn't do the 'x or y?' or the 'what's your favourite [blank]?' sections.
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Bashing Heads In With TVs


from: koshifuri
date: February 3rd, 2007 05:42 a (UTC)

I believe I owe you about eight screenshots of Kajimoto. :D


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robots don't like the rain


from: subtle_subtext
date: February 3rd, 2007 06:01 a (UTC)


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Bashing Heads In With TVs


from: koshifuri
date: February 3rd, 2007 06:06 a (UTC)

You're welcome. :D

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