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Before I run off to RP-land again...

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February 7th, 2007 | 07:23 p
my sushi is: giddygiddy
my rhythm is: "You're the One That I Want" -- Grease

I sang today. Here's a clip from The Wizard and I (1:00). It cuts off pretty suddenly because the rest sucked.

And even if you're not into TeniMyu or Prince of Tennis at all, if you're a slash/yaoi fan, you need to watch this video. I'm personally quite fond of the IMMENSE Rival Pair UST and the Atobe/Sakaki dslgstrh;ikgxersgh and wtf Silver Pair is so adorable oh my god. AND AIBA'S KIRAKIRA DANCE. AIBA SHOULD ALWAYS DO THAT WITH HIS HIPS. ALWAYS.


Seriously? I enjoy the theory that Kaien's actual death was an illusion, courtesy of Aizen's zanpakutou. Then Kaien would essentially have been forced to follow Aizen, for lack of anywhere else to go or any other way to survive. This means, possibly, Vaizard!Kaien. Although the idea of Kaien being the first (only?) Vaizard/Arrankar hybrid is pretty hot, too.

Either way, I hope Kubo-sensei's not just jerking our chain. Oh, and total points for Orihime slapping Ukelala, and UlquiHime bonus points for that whole scene, and Ukelala using a singsongy tone on her. Yes.

Oh, Kubo-sensei. You handsome fuck.

That is all. Itte yoshi. Carry on.

[edit] I forgot.

Now that is all. Itte yoshi.

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Comments {3}

The Amazing Rabbit<3


from: ikyuu
date: February 8th, 2007 04:58 a (UTC)

Aiba's hips are WIN. You don't know HOW many times I rewatched that dance off. Mostly because I enjoyed Rui's and Takuya's dancing [Gakuto and Jirou]. ♥

Kenken and Date are seriously the Silver Pair. >> So cute!

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